Goodbye, Ringley's! $ 75 "Elephant Walk" Papier Colle
"Nude" Encaustic "To Touch The Soul" Encaustic
"Tranquility" Encaustic
"Butterfly Love" Encaustic "Innamorato 1" Encaustic
*SOLD* Still Life After Matisse $ 125 "View From Above" Mixed Media
"Innamorato 2" Encaustic "Untitled" Encaustic
$ 250 "Black Sand Beach" -Mixed Media on Canvas "Figures in Abstract"-Mixed Media on Paper
$ 300 "Aftermath"-Watercolor "Abstract Flower"
*SOLD* "Body, Mind, Spirit" $ 300 "Crystalline Dream"-Watercolor
*SOLD* "Seagirl" "Sunset at the Pier"-Watercolor
"Inside"-Acrylic on Canvas "Outside"-Acrylic on Canvas
"Painted Faces" -Watercolor
$400 "Totems" Mixed Media on Paper
$40 "China Sea" Mixed Media on Box Canvas *SOLD* "Entwined in Eternity" Mixed Media on Canvas
$100 "Another Door Opens" Tryptic, Mixed Media on 3 Box Canvasses
$40 "Gift of Passion" Mixed Media on Box Canvas $40 "Read Between the Lines" Mixed Media on Box Canvas
$40 "Trapped in Gold" Mixed Media on Canvas $20 "Untitled" Mixed Media on Canvas
$300 "Red Sky" Dyptic, Acrylic on Box Canvas
$300 "The Big Apple"-Dyptic, Acrylic on Canvas
*SOLD* "Woven in Moonlight" Mixed Media on Canvas $40 "Feel Wonderful" Mixed Media on Box Canvas
$300 "Reaching New Levels"-Watercolor $ 400 Spiral Pass 1 - Monoprint
$400 Spiral Pass 2 - Monoprint $400 "Sun Will Rise Again" Acrylic on Canvas
$ 75 "Skinny Dip" Papier Colle $ 250 Cityscape -Acrylic
L'Chaim - Collagraph *SOLD* Abstract of Two Figures - Monoprint
Hangman - Collagraph $75 "Palms in Abstract"-Watercolor
$400 "Jamaican Dancers" Watercolor Tryptic