$250 Still Life With Banana, Oil on canvasboard $ 200 Still Life with Jug, 8x10 Oil on canvasboard
$100 Still Life With Glass, Oil on canvasboard $100 Complements, Oil on canvasboard
"Self Portrait" Acrylic on canvas "In the Window" Pastel on sanded paper
$150 Dance Fever, Acrylic on board $150 Fragrance, Acrylic on board
$100 Red Hot Leaves, Watercolor $75 Red Hot Fruit, Watercolor
$200 Still Life With Lemons, Oil on canvas
$100 Still Life With Apples, Watercolor $40 Mangos, Watercolor
$200 Polly, Watercolor *SOLD* "Springburst" Watercolor
$350 Fruit on a Plate, Acrylic on canvas
$200 Cocktails. Acrylic on Canvas (4 pieces) $150 Still Life With Fruit, Watercolor
$150 Teapot, Watercolor $150 Blue Floral, Watercolor
$75 Iris, Pastel $100 Still Life With Bowl, Oil on canvasboard
$300 Mexican Pots, Watercolor *SOLD* "Orchid" Watercolor
$75 Lemon Octet, Watercolor